Charles J. Tanti B.Sc.(Eng) Charles J. Tanti B.Sc.(Eng)

I want to keep my life as simple as possible. I try not to get bored, because then I will become boring and that will be the end of it.

I like to be alone most of the time.

Sometimes I declare that I'm going to do the impossible. Then I have to do it to prove that I can.

I cannot remember a time in my life when I really wanted something and did not get it.

I have a passion for Philosophy and my main hobby is Painting.

I love the sea and sailing. I had a small yacht StarSong when I lived in Malta.

I love dogs - German Shepherds - I grew up with them. My father had 6 at our home in Malta.

I admire successful people and always try to learn something from their achievements and experiences.


When I want to take a break I go for a drive with my Red Corvette, or go Salsa Dancing.

I first started trading the Bonds in May of 1985. I realised very early that if I was to succeed, I had to learn and study the market. My first introduction to technical analysis was to start plotting daily and weekly price charts manually. I also started keeping a journal of all my trades, and recorded all my observations about the market. By studying the charts I could see how certain patterns kept repeating themselves. It was as if the Bonds traded with some mathematical order. Many times I was able to project a turning point to within a few ticks.

After years of trading I formulated a set of complex rules for trading the Bonds. I also acquired an uncanny feel for the market from plotting manually my charts for many years. However even though I had all this, success in trading still eluded me. I lacked the objectivity needed to win consistently. I traded from 1985 to 1992 with limited success. The problem was too much emotion during trading, afraid to pull the trigger, forgetting important rules, or making the wrong interpretation of the market.

Finally in 1992 I started writing the ATS-3200 Trading System. I turned all my trading rules into indicators. By turning everything into numbers, I could then write computer programmes to find patterns in the indicators that consistently signalled either an over bought market condition or an over sold market condition. These rules then became the adaptive genetic algorithms.

All the System does is shift the odds in your favor.
Only by following and trading the System can you hope to succeed.

Charles J. Tanti: I was born in Malta and studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Malta. My favorite subject was pure mathematics, because I liked solving very difficult problems.

When I lived in Malta, one of my favorite pastimes was to go to the Dragonara Casino and play blackjack. I figured (no computers then) that as the cards were dealt from the deck the odds changed, and if you could keep track you had a better chance of winning.

When I discovered computers in 1983 the first thing I did was to write a professional blackjack program to teach players the card count and basic strategy. I proved to myself that if blackjack was played correctly, it was impossible to lose.

In 1980 I discovered commodity trading, through one of my customers who was a broker. I started by trading some gold and after losing $5000 in one week, I went back to my normal business. In 1985 I had more time and this time I went back to trading, but this time I took time to study the markets. I needed something that was volatile, so my broker suggested I trade T-Bonds. I decided then and there to specialize in just one market, and since 1985 I have only traded T-Bonds.

At first I was a day trader, trying to make $500 to $1000 per week. I soon found out that it was not easy. No matter how much studying I would do, the market always managed to spook me, and I would lose all the money I made, a few days later. I studied technical books and read the trade magazines, and one thing kept emerging: the professionals were all advising traders to think long term if they wanted to be successful traders.

Then one day I switched from daily charts to weekly charts and never looked back. As soon as I did this everything worked better, my indicators, the trend was more evident, the data had less noise, and the average profit per trade on my primitive system then, jumped from $250 per trade to over $1200 per trade. Trading much less, saving on commissions and bigger profits, what else can a trader ask for.

In 1992 I started writing the ATS-3200. I had the first version of the system ready to be traded in June of 1993. The system was long, but I decided to wait for the next "SELL" signal to make my first trade. It came on September 3rd, at 119-31, an all time high for the bonds. I did not have the guts to go short on that first signal, but when I saw the bonds go down $2000 in the next 2 weeks, I was amazed. The market rallied again and the system again went short at the very top at 121-30 on October 15th. Note: The chart is adjusted by the roll over amount to keep the data stationary.

On October 28th I made my first trade with the system and went short at 117.22. I made $1124.64 on a mini bond,

During my first six months of trading the ATS-3200 I made almost 90% (verifiable by my broker's statements). I knew then that finally my dream had come true.

I had created a trading system that had the ability to go short at the top and long at the bottom.

My dream was finally completely realized when in October of 2003, the ATS-3200 went to #2 in the FuturesTruth top-ten list with 216.3% annual performance, and was the #1 T-Bonds Trading System.

Growing up in Malta, I love the sea and boats. In 1972 I acquired a small yacht StarSong and enjoyed sailing around the island. We also had lots of dogs at home, German Shepards and they are my favorite pets.

The ATS-ZB32 is the Super version of the ATS-3200.

The perfect system has never been created.

However the TREND Function makes the ATS-ZB32 almost Perfect