Auto Trading the ATS-3200 or the ATS-6400.
The systems are not available for auto trading by your broker.

The systems only trade 4 to 5 times per year. Sometimes even less.

Brokers have no incentive to trade my systems.
Because they do not generate commissions.

However the ATS-3200 and the ATS-6400 are always
in the TOP-TEN tables of Futures Truth,
and therefore are very well known as two of the top trading systems.

For this reason some brokers list my systems on their web site to lure customers to their site. When the customer inquires about either the ATS-3200 or the ATS-6400, the broker then tries to switch their attention to a system that generates more trades and therefore more commissions.

Moreover your broker might tell you he is trading the ATS-3200 or the ATS-6400 for you, but in fact he is using another system.

You can always verify if the signals are coming from the ATS-3200 or the ATS-6400 by requesting a screen shot of the signal, then send it to me for verification.