Testimonials from Customers about the ATS-3200.
The results speak for themselves. You have produced results.
This is the best system I have ever purchased, and I bought them all.
If you ever need a testimonial ever, count me in.

August 2001: EL, Clearwater, FL.
I am impressed with the systems. This performance is a standard for all trading systems!
March 2014: MR, Lima, Peru.
Again, I am happy with the system and am more than willing to make the final payment.
March 2014: LK, Mount Prospect, IL.
I have been tracking my retirement accounts closely lately. I just turned 50. I really love my job, but it takes lots of time. I would really like to retire at 60, but I am short of money. ATS3200 and ATS6400 has been helping close the gap in the money I have and the money I need to retire at 60. Thanks. Not to sound to selfish, I hope that when you retire, I am able to continue to use ATS3200 and ATS6400.
September 2013: DN, Duvall, Wa.
What a wonderful Trade that was, and yes I am delighted to be able to send you that final payment. We cleared enough on this trade to pay for the whole system. In fact I mailed it to you this afternoon. So hopefully you should receive it early next week.

As for this last trade we sold short the bonds on 5-28-13 at 142-14 and then closed on 8-12-13 at 134-17 for a gain of $7,914.06. Thank You,Thank you.
August 2013: JB, Pewee Valley, KY.

The systems have been performing exactly as promised and as I've expected. Unfortunately I missed out on 2 of the larger moves in the past 2 1/2 years. This was no fault of the system but rather that I wasn't always disciplined enough to place trades when the systems told me to. Overall I'm very happy with the systems.
August 2013: MP, Australia.
ATS3200 is performing very well this year. This is one of my favorite tools in personal portfolio management. I was wondering if you have any updates to the system?
August 2013: VI, New York, NY.
Hard to believe you can improve on perfection, but you manage to do it. Already the best for following bonds, and now better????
July, 2010: EL, Clearwater, FL.
Using both 32 and 64 for signals has helped me. It is a confidence builder when both signals agree, especially when my gut tells me "they are both wrong". I go ahead and do what the systems say, and guess who is usually correct.
May, 2009: EL, Clearwater, FL.
Do you know? when I get enough money I have one dream. Go to Toronto and take one picture with you to put it in my diningroom, as the person who changed my life.
Dec, 2008: DS, Strasbourg, France.
I just wanted to tell you that Im really pleased with your ATS systems (both ATS-3200 and ATS-6400) and I looking forward to seeing your new ATS-EUROfx working soon to become one of your customers.
Feb, 2008: DS, Strasbourg, France.
Charles, Another profitable trade closed out this week on the 30 Year Bond futures. I love this System!
Feb, 2007: PZ, San Francisco, CA.
If anybody proofed himself during time its you and your capability to built systems.
So I want you to know there is no doubt on this site.
May, 2006: PC, Czerszegtomaj, Hungary.
With all honesty I can say that your system is the best and only one I have purchased that I still am using.
April, 2006: EL, Clearwater, FL.
First of all, congratulatios on your ATS-3200 and ATS-6400 systems. We hope that this new project(ATS-E100fx) you have started will be as fantastic as the previous. You can always count on us.
April, 2006: ER, Madrid, Spain.
Thank you Charles. All I can say is the ATS System works. It taught me when to get in, stay in and get out. Thanks for the program. THIS ONE REALLY WORKS.
April, 2006: JSA, Delray Beach, Fl.
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to congratulate you on the performance of ATS-3200. It has perfectly caught this trade in the 30 Year US Bond futures. Awesome!
April, 2006: PZ, San Francisco, CA.
Wow Charles.... nice job... ATS works as if it can predict Fed movement!!! Kudos!
March, 2006: AJ, Freemont, CA.
The system continues to be as good and consistent as you claim. The best (only) one that I have been able to say that about.
EL, Clearwater, FL.
Charles I have sent this letter to a friend. He runs an investment shop and sells software like Omnitrader. I told him that if there is no Holy Grail, the ATS-3200 is close to it. Maybe he contacts you.
PC, Czerszegtomaj, Hungary.
Futures Magazine, November 2004 issue (most recent), bottom of page 14, summary of results of 10 bond systems tested by Futures truth. Do not need to know about any other bond systems - yours is the best!!! It takes 10 minutes a week, and makes all the money I need.
EL, Clearwater, FL.
Your work is remarkable, and your ongoing effort to achieve perfection when you are already 99% there is nothing short of true dedication.

I have purchased many systems, and developed one of my own that profitably trades the S&P, but noting like what you have done. Your work is at the top of the list.

The results speak for themselves. You have produced results.
This is the best system I have ever purchased, and I bought them all.
If you ever need a testimonial ever, count me in.

EL, Clearwater, FL.

WOW thats all I can say about the timing of ATS-3200. I'm very pleased with it.
JC, Rancho Santa Fe, CA.
Your program gives me the confidence to be more aggressive in knowing the direction of the market and specific times when I should be getting in or out.
WV, Fayetteville, GA.
I'm very satisfied with my purchase of the ATS6400. I have archieved very good returns in the course of one year, with more winning trades than loosing trades. It is a reliable and consistent program and it takes very little time to manage.
EN, Dallas, TX.
It has been so interesting to watch your progress and having been involved with many "systems" none of which really work I am happy to see your success..... let's face it you deserve it.
JR, Fort Pierce, FL.
On the Seminar: In the larger view, I would like to thank you for the "pristine" honesty of your approach to genuinely trying to assist traders in a greater understanding of the Markets. Truly refreshing!

One gets the enduring impression that you really care about the subject and would "remain after school" to help a lagging student truly understand. That is very comforting. Again, I truly thank you.
HF, Evergreen, CO.

Thanks for the update, unbelievable support - and you may quote me.

As you know, I am interested in improving my trading. And I am strictly a believer in technical analysis. Owning your 3200 & 6400 systems has finally given me positive returns and importantly, belief that technical analysis can be done.
SR, Newnan, GA.

Congratulations ! After that succession of weeks where the system did not seem to have it right, and especially over the past 9 days, when logic DEMANDED that the system was wrong, a drop of 1-08 last night must have been very satisfying. Just when a majority of advisors were saying that Bonds could only go up from here - lo and behold - they go down. I'm sure that the system had a quiet smile too.
BF, Australia.
After spending most of the night and early morning hours immersing myself in the details of your system, it is apparent that you have achieved a MAJOR accomplishment with your efforts. Congratulations!
We who stand to benefit from your expertise should indeed feel lucky at the discovery of ATS-3200.
PK, Annapolis, MD.
I always like to see updates. It tells me that you are trying to make your whole system better, you care about what you are doing and like doing it. This makes me more comfortable about trading with you.
CR, Tell City, IN.
Though I'm doing quite well...Your system appears to be much more sophisticated.
DG, Houston, TX.
I'm very impressed...it's very informative, something that is lacking with many. I was so impressed that I gave your name and address to a friend of mine...He runs a trading club down in Florida.
RL, Carmel Valley, CA.
I'm still excited about this opportunity and it's certainly starting off well!
BM, Belcher, LA.
I am very intrigued with your system. I checked your home page today and really liked it. It makes a lot of sense to me, and I have very similar goals.
RW, Portland, OR.
I found your internet site by co-incidence and I am quite impressed by the quality of your work.
CB, Switzerland.
Your e-mail has brought me some relief. What a refreshing message! I appreciate your honesty, your practical common sense, and your willingness to continue to make your System work better for us.
DG, Houston, TX.
You have put together one of the best web pages that I have seen for a long time. As an IT consultant and hopeful trader, I have seen many pages that are neither as easy to read nor appropriate in content.
HH, Buffalo Grove, IL.
I am very impressed with the past results of your system...One of the reasons that I like your system so much is it is clear that you are truly passionate in making it the best Bond Trading system in existence...I look forward to joining the "System of Dreams".
KW, Brookline, MA.
The new ATS-ZB32 works even Better.
The Function TREND makes the ATS-ZB32 almost Perfect.

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