The ATS-3200 is driven by two sets of Algorithms.

The "X" algorithms detect an over bought market
and go SHORT at or near the TOP.

The "L" algorithms detect an over sold market
and go LONG at or near the BOTTOM.

The "V" filters keep the system in the market
with the major trend.

The ATS-ZB32 works the same way, but better.

The ATS-3200 was first completed in 1993.

The ATS-3200 has been consistently in Futures Truth
Top-Ten Tables for the last 20 years.

The new ATS-ZB32 is the Super Version of the ATS-3200.
It has better functions to increase the performance.

The ATS-ZB32 has a new function "TREND"
"TREND" checks the direction of the market and closes a
losing trade quickly to reduce the max. drawdowns.

Real Time Trading Results.

The ATS-3200 was traded by Striker for my
customers during 2012, 2013 and 2014.

The numerous Testimonials from customers
from 25 countries speak for themselves.

The new ATS-ZB32 is even Better.

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